Pipeline Security

Greenwood Security Services supports pipeline operators with assessment, plan development and training

The TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines are administered by the Surface Division Pipeline Security Branch within the TSA Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement (OSPIE). The program’s mission is to enhance the security preparedness of the nation’s hazardous liquid and natural gas pipeline systems. To accomplish this, the Division pursues three main objectives to achieve its transportation sector security goals. Those objectives are:

  • Reduce the level of risk through analysis and implementation of security programs
  • Increase the level of resiliency and robustness
  • Increase the level of domain awareness, information sharing, response planning, and coordination

Following the guidelines, pipeline owners can assess the criticality of their pipeline systems, conduct uniform Security Vulnerability Assessments, develop compliant Risk-Based Security Programs, including awareness training for their personnel.

Additionally, TSA inspectors may conduct Corporate Security Program Reviews with company officials at their headquarters.

Greenwood Security Services supports large pipeline operators with assessment, plan development and training. We also accompany facility personnel during onsite TSA inspections.

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