Greenwood Security Services supports MTSA compliance for more than 80 ports, offshore platforms and supply vessels.

MTSA – Maritime Transportation Security Act

“Greenwood Security Services supports MTSA compliance for more than 80 ports and offshore platforms” to “Greenwood Security Services supports MTSA compliance for numerous ports and offshore platforms”

The Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA), signed on November 25, 2002, is designed to protect the nation’s ports and waterways from a terrorist attack. It requires vessels and port facilities to conduct vulnerability assessments and develop security plans that may include passenger, vehicle and baggage screening procedures; security patrols; establishing restricted areas; personnel identification procedures; access control measures; and/or installation of surveillance equipment.

We have provided security assessments and plans and trained hundreds of facility security officers and security-related personnel as mandated in:

MTSA 33 CFR Parts 104 (Vessels)

Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), cargo, or passenger vessel subject to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, (SOLAS), Chapter XI-1 or Chapter XI-2;

MTSA 33 CFR Parts 105 (Waterfront Facilities)

Facility that receives vessels certificated to carry more than 150 passengers, except those vessels not carrying and not embarking or disembarking passengers at the facility;

MTSA 33 CFR Parts 106 (Off Shore Platforms)

A fixed or floating facility that engages in the exploration, development, or production of oil, natural gas, or mineral resources that:.

We have a full set of compliance tools including training PowerPoints, Assessment Templates, and have produced employee training videos for several petrochemical companies.

We have designed and conducted dozens of MTSA required Annual Exercises, Quarterly Drills, and Annual Audits. We have also represented many facilities in TWIC Secure Area Amendments with the U. S. Coast Guard, and drafted the TWIC Amendments for their Facility Security Assessments and Plans.

MTSA Specific Training

Facility Security Officer and two levels of employee training required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for many port facilities, vessel crews, and offshore platform personnel.

Port Security Grants

Our company has written and filed many Port Security Grant Applications for MTSA clients, the majority of which have resulted in the client winning a grant award.

Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

The MTSA also mandates that certain critical information regarding the facility and its vulnerabilities and protective security measures must be protected from unauthorized disclosure. This information must be labeled as Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and must be protected accordingly. For more information on how to safeguard SSI click HERE

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC’s)

The USCG periodically issues clarifications regarding interpretations and enforcement of the regulations. These documents are called Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC). For a list of all security related applicable NVIC’c click HERE


Homeport is the USCG’s secure website that is used for managing submitted security plans, updating facility MARSEC levels and for threat dissemination. Once registered, you will be notified of any nearby threats or specific threats to your facility. For Homeport registration click HERE

Click to download a sample of our MTSA FSO Training Program

Greenwood Security Services has produced a short 30 minute security training video that efficiently trains employees across industries and fields in response to overwhelming demand by corporations that must comply with government regulations such as the MTSA, CFATS, TSA Pipeline and DOT PHMSA regulations.

The video is available in both English and Spanish versions as well as versions filmed with or without PPE equipment. All of the videos are fully customizable and can have company/facility specific information added to it (i.e. company logos, facility images and video clips, etc.).