Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Workplace violence is often predicable and preventable. Greenwood Security Services has managed workplace violence matters for many corporations and has developed practical prevention and response programs. We have an extensive library of OSHA and ADA compliant policies and procedures; and have developed PowerPoint and online training tools for our clients to prevent violence in the workplace. Greenwood Security Services has been proactively engaged in workplace violence prevention and response since 1989.

Recently, Greenwood Security Services made presentation on workplace violence policy at two conferences for human resource managers sponsored by the EEOC. Greenwood Security Services was also invited to present to the annual conference of the VCC human resource management.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response policy development and three levels of training — one for security management staff, HR, and responders; one for production and administrative supervisors; and a third awareness program for all employees. Additionally, we developed an E-Learning tool with sound and animation that is distributed to all employees via email. The client for this program is a large electrical power utility in New York City. Similar programs have been developed and presented to:

  • Chemical manufactures
  • Several oil and gas exploration and production companies.
  • Accounting and consulting firms.
  • Computer manufacturers, an electronics components distributor, and many others.

Transportation and logistics companies.