Training and Awareness Programs

Greenwood Security Services has been developing and presenting security-related training since 1984. We have developed a substantial library of training materials on a host of security topics.

More than 2,000 client employees and Facility Security Officers have received training from Greenwood Security Services

Training programs compliant with the MTSA, DOT, Pipeline, CFATS, C-TPAT, and TWIC requirements

On Sale, our Security Awareness Training Video in Both English and Spanish
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This video is designed to comply with the employee awareness training requirements for the various DHS security standards including CFATS, MTSA, TSA Pipeline and DOT.

Training Program Highlights:

  • Facility Security Officer and two levels of employee training required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for many port facilities, vessel crews, and offshore platform personnel.
  • Training for employees and plant managers in compliance with CFATS – the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.
  • Training in TWIC enrollment and obtaining the Transportation Worker Identification Credential from the TSA. Training for security in Inspecting and Validating TWIC Cards.
  • Policy development and PowerPoint training program on Business Ethics and Intellectual Property Protection for a nationwide tax consulting firm.
  • A video and PowerPoint training program on Protecting Trade Secrets for a semiconductor start up. This program inspired the venture capitalists to require similar programs for other start ups in which they invest.
  • Policy, Procedures, and a Power Point training program on Trade Secret and Intellectual Property Protection for a computer company’s Software Development Center in China. This program has been developed for several technology clients.
  • Specific training and guidance in protecting R & D and Trade Secrets for an international chemical manufacturing and distribution company.
  • Counter-Terrorism Employee Awareness training for dozens of clients.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response policy development and three levels of training — one for security management staff, HR, and responders; one for production and administrative supervisors; and a third awareness program for all employees. Additionally, we developed an E-Learning tool with sound and animation that is distributed to all employees via email. The client for this program is a large electrical power utility in New York City. Similar programs have been developed and presented to:

  • Chemical manufactures
  • Several oil and gas exploration and production companies.
  • Accounting and consulting firms.
  • Computer manufacturers, an electronics components distributor, and many others.
  • Transportation and logistics companies.

Our training development capabilities include PowerPoint, PowerPoint with imbedded voice and video, full video production, and E-Learning.