State of Texas Abandons Licensing Requirements

State of Texas abandonment of Licensing Requirements now allows anyone to be a Security Consultant – effective 9/1/2019

Why is this significant for you as a client?

Changes in Texas regulations – Security Consultants No Longer Need a State License:

  • No requirement to be insured – this is significant
  • State background checks no longer required.
  • ID and Fingerprint Checks no longer required.
  • No longer a requirement for license examinations
  • No requirement for proof of experience.
  • No more Qualified Manager exams.

In the past, Security Consultant and Consulting Companies, needed all of the above. Now all of this has gone away.

Here are some key questions you should ask when retaining security consultants:

  • Can you provide a resume of relevant experience?
  • Can you provide an insurance certificate and proof of adequate insurance?  Important – it is likely if they get sued for your project, your company will also be sued.
  • Can you provide five references from companies for whom you have done similar work in this past year?
  • Understand, we will do a background check on you and your company. Incidentally, licensing was also abandoned for Security Salespersons, Branch Office Managers, Guard Dog Training Companies, and Employees of License Holders.
  • Use your standard Contractor Master Services Agreements which accomplish some of the above.

Feel free to call or email us if you need support in hiring security consultants.