Security Vulnerability/Risk Assessments and Security Surveys

DG&A has completed Security Vulnerability Assessments for more than 190 facilities.

We are expert at helping companies identify and quantify their greatest risks of loss in terms of consequence to the company’s people, productivity, finances, image, reputation, and regulatory compliance. Assessments vary from those performed to strict templates required by Homeland Security regulation to those targeting a specific risk problem – theft of computing components, theft or diversion of pharmaceuticals, extortion from drug cartels, whatever the specific loss profile requires. We have conducted Vulnerability Assessments and Security Surveys throughout the United States, and in Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Holland, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

Don Greenwood & Associates are industry leaders in performing cost-effective Security Vulnerability Assessments and Security Surveys, worldwide.