Policy & Procedures

Clients draw from our substantial library of policies and procedures.

Greenwood Security Services has been engaged in security policy and procedure development for many years. Clients benefit from our large library of policy and procedure statements, appropriate to various company cultures, applicable to established Fortune 100 corporations and start-ups, alike. Topics include:

  • Trade secret and information systems protection;
  • Workplace violence prevention and response,
  • DHS regulatory compliance (TWIC, CFATS, MTSA, C-TPAT, TSA, and DOT),
  • Building security and access control,
  • Traveler and expatriate protection,
  • Emergency management and response,
  • Security guard operations,
  • Standards for quality security systems installations,
  • Special protections for cash operations including Point of Sale video integration and video surveillance of cash operations, facility protection in high-risk venues,
  • Convention and meeting protection,
  • Receptionist Guidelines
  • Pool Car Policy and Procedures
  • Radioactive Source Security Guidelines
  • IT Governance Policies and Detailed Procedures

This library allows us to quickly customize specific procedures for companies at low cost using our existing templates.