New CFATS Top Screen Regulation

Recently, we learned the following – the long-awaited new CFATS Top Screen Tool will be posted next month with regulatory activity to begin immediately.

DHS plans to publish the new Top Screen Tool requirements in the Federal Register in July.  They expect the new tool to be available in September, pending OMB approval.  ALL regulated and unregulated facilities will be impacted.

Note the following:

  • Effective immediately DHS will suspend processing incoming Top Screens and SVAs.
  • Contact DHS for an extension of any required submissions prior the release of the new Top Screen Tool.
  • If you are involved in an acquisition or divestiture, reach out to the help desk for assistance in how to proceed.
  • During this suspension period of the current Top Screen Tool, facilities who need to “zero out” because they no longer meet the thresholds for Chemicals of Interest (COIs) should continue forward and may contact the DHS Help Desk at csat@dhs.govfor assistance.
  • Once the new tool is approved and released, DHS will notify regulated and unregulated facilities to update their information and will provide facilities with deadlines in a gradual rollout for both unregulated and regulated facilities.
  • ** Once notified, companies will have 60 days to complete entering and submitting their information.
  • Activities for gasoline only facilities remain on hold.
  • And, during this interim period, inspections will continue.