MTSA 33 CFR Parts 105 (Waterfront Facilities)

MTSA Facility Compliance Applicability:

  • Facility subject to 33 CFR parts 126, 127, or 154;
  • Facility that receives vessels certificated to carry more than 150 passengers, except those vessels not carrying and not embarking or disembarking passengers at the facility;
  • Facility that receives vessels subject to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, chapter XI;
  • Facility that receives foreign cargo vessels greater than 100 gross register tons;
  • Facility that receives U.S. cargo vessels, greater than 100 gross register tons, subject to 46 CFR chapter I, subchapter I, except for those facilities that receive only commercial fishing vessels inspected under 46 CFR part 105; or
  • Barge fleeting facility that receives barges carrying, in bulk, cargoes regulated by 46 CFR chapter I, subchapters D or O, or Certain Dangerous Cargoes.

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