Information Technology Policy Development

Having clear IT policies that are tailored to your company’s needs helps your business make effective use of IT resources and helps to protect your company from legal problems, security risks and unnecessary costs. Clear, consistent, understandable, and enforceable policy and standards provides employees business rules to follow and governs their online behavior.

Greenwood Security Services guides our clients through the IT policy development process – from identifying risks that can be mitigated by IT policy controls to developing training and performance metrics to ensure your policy implementation is measurable and successful.

Our clients rely upon us to bring our experience and knowledge of industry best practices to bear on their unique requirements.

Recent IT Policy Development Projects
Assessing Risk and Identifying Policy Needs

We guided a client’s CIO and IT staff through an assessment of the 30 most likely and most potentially damaging risks to their IT resources and identified which risks could be mitigated by policy controls.

Reviewing and Optimizing Current IT Policies

We reviewed the 30+ IT policies in a client’s current policy framework and recommended an approach that consolidated those to 6 umbrella policies.

Developing Subordinate Policy Controls to Ensure Our Clients Attain Their Policy Goals

For each IT policy that we created, we identified the procedures, guidelines and standards needed to successfully implement and enforce the policy. It is in these implementing documents where we identify all required training and performance measures.

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