CFATS – Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

Greenwood Security Services supports CFATS compliance requirements for numerous industrial facilities across the country.

Greenwood Security Services has provided CFATS Top Screens and Security Vulnerability Assessments for more than 180 facilities.

Compliment from chemical company security manager, ” Your team’s professionalism and clear communication allowed me to confidently turn this project over to you which released me to focus on other items.   It’s been a pleasure working with you all and I look forward to working with you on the next phase of this process.” . . .

Congress issued the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, in 2007.  This regulation requires “high-risk” chemical facilities who possess chemicals listed in Appendix A (a list of Chemicals of Interest–COI published by DHS), in threshold quantities, to complete a registration and questionnaire known as Top-Screen. DHS will review the Top-Screen and other information to determine if a facility “presents high levels of security risk” and is to be regulated.   Facilities will then be preliminarily tiered in one of four ranks.

Regulated facilities must then complete and submit a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and a Site Security Plan (SSP) to DHS within the specified time. Site Security Plans (SSPs) must incorporate specific Risk Based Performance Standards for their specific tier at each facility.

Facilities must also protect the sensitive but unclassified Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) that is developed by this process. To receive CVI training and a registered CVI number go to:

Greenwood Security Services have registered hundreds of facilities in CSAT for clients and completed the Top Screen requirements and submission for over 180 customer sites. We are actively performing SVAs for clients and developing their Site Security Plans. We have developed training PowerPoints and other tools for clients regulated by CFATS.  And, we have supported clients through many DHS Plan Approval Inspections.

CFATS Specific Training

  • Training for employees and plant managers in compliance with CFATS – the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.

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CFATS Documents:

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